Flamenco Guitar Workshop

Professor: Miguel Fornell

Weekly, two hour lessons

Fridays 18h45-19h45 Theory

Fridays 19h45-20h45 Practice

Price: 100 € / month (3 persons) / 130 € / month (2 persons)

The Flamenco Guitar Workshop will work with reduced groups fo 2-3 individuals. Its main objective is to get acquainted with Flamenco, with its mechanisms and ‘Palos’, as well as understand its structure.

It will also study the ‘falsetas’ and its harmonic structures. Once understood, ‘falsetas’ will be explained.


  • Compás: Soleá, siguiriyas, Alegrías, Bulerías, Tangos, Tientos, Fandangos …
  • Structural Analysis
  • Harmonical Analysis
  • Mechanisms and ways
  • Falsetas: palos a compás (Soleá, siguiriyas, …) and postes libres (Taranta, Granaína, Malagueña, …)
  • Structural Analysis