Subjects and Teachers

Agustín Capdevila
Lute, Theorbo, Vihuela
Larisa Loginova
Piano, Music theory, musicologi
Jordi Parramon
Theory, Composition


Children up to 6 years of age

The development of the artistic faculties of a person begins from the early years of life.

From a physical and emotional sensibilization, the student goes through his musical and personal learning process.

The awareness classes are closely related to music, movement and enthusiasm for learning, preparing the student with a series of trainings that will help them in their artistic projects: playing an instrument, singing, developing the theoretical part of musical language, improvise, dance, create, lead their own ideas in an artistic and sensitive way. During the sessions, students will learn from both their teachers and their classmates.

An experimental and reflective exploration will guide the students through games, singing and movements towards their musical, bodily and personal formation in an active way.


At 7 years (Preparatory) they already begin to make a bridge by modulating towards the language of musical notation and rhythm writing that they have previously experienced and seen through the body and musical games.

Elementary Level 1

From 8 years

Once motivated with the initiation, in this course they access the notation in the treble clef, the sung rhythm and its writing are worked on. They begin to see the scores, which they will read, analyze and sing.

The education of the ear is worked on, as well as the recognition of chords, musical notes and rhythm through small dictations.

From 2nd to 3rd

Their knowledge is expanded with complicated rhythms and notations and the theory of music and its elements are deepened. The FA key is entered.

We follow the elementary program of the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona.

4th of Elementary Level

The knowledge acquired is validated, affirmed and expanded. Harmony is worked on and preparation for the 1st Professional Level course is carried out.


Instrument Initiation Workshop

In the introductory instrument workshop, students have the opportunity to try out several different instruments throughout the school year.

During every three months a class is taught in small groups where we show the functioning and characteristics of a given instrument in a fun and didactic way, stimulating children’s curiosity and awakening their interest in exploring.

The rotation of instruments seeks to offer the student a range of possibilities to expand their musical horizons and instruct them in diversity from an early age.

Larisa Loginova
Piano, Music theory, musicologi

Luthier Orquestra

The Orchestra subject is essential to teach students to develop in a group, playing together, on stage.

In the Luthier Orchestra we incorporate students of all levels and ages who are able to play with others.

Students study their repertoires at the beginning separately, according to the section that corresponds to them and guided by their teachers. Once a month all the sections are brought together and rehearsed together.

Auditions are held during the school year, where students present their works in front of the audience.

Specialized Methods for Children 3 Years and Older

Suzuki Method and More

Specialized Methods

We have courses to encourage the first contact with music in the youngest ones.

The Suzuki Method is based on the idea that music – like language – can be learned easily by imitation and with the help of parents.

It is generally used for young students and to achieve quick results.

Instrument classes with the Suzuki method are sessions where the child’s father or mother plays a fundamental role in their education: They must attend the class with their children and be able to repeat the exercises at home.
Suzuki students give private classes and also group auditions, learning from each other and maintaining motivation.
No previous musical knowledge is necessary and everyone can learn music.

We currently offer Suzuki method classes for violin and guitar.

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