Pau Gil i Costa
Pau Gil i Costa was born in 1997 in Barcelona. He started his guitar studies in 2004 at the Luthier School of Music, at the age of 7 with the teacher Jose Uribe. In 2015 he began his studies in the world of Jazz and improvisation with Professor Vicenç Solsona at the Luthier School of Music. A year later he entered the COS (Higher Orientation Course) in the Music Workshop, where he continued Jazz and Modern Music studying with Vicenç Solsona and other teachers such as Cristina Canet, Raul Reverter, Néstor Giménez and Yeray Hernández. The year 2018 he began his higher music studies at ESEM (Higher School of Musical Studies) of the Taller de Músics, majoring in Jazz Guitar and Modern music. He has been a student of great teachers and musicians from the world of Jazz and Modern Music, such as Ramón Cardo, Néstor Giménez, Santi de la Rubia, Martín Leiton, Toni Vaquer, Adrià Plana, Santi Galán and Vicenç Solsona himself, among others. Beyond the academic world, he has worked as a music producer on various projects, like Bemba Saoco as guitarist and singer, Black Sandwich, as guitarist, singer and composer. He is currently founder, composer, producer, guitarist and singer of Kot lapas, where different world musics that range from Funk, Blues or Flamenco are merged with Samba, Rumba and Cuban music. He takes part of other projects like Apastafunk, cover band of Funk, Disco, R & B and Soul, where acts as lead singer and guitarist and The Goliards Collective, cover band arranged to Ska-Jazz.