Miguel Fornell
Guitar, Flamenco Guitar
He was born in Madrid in 1983. His first professional contact with music was in 1999 by recording a model as a solo guitarist of the Cool Cool Brain group in Alcobendas (Madrid). He started his musical studies in the field of Modern Music and Jazz in 2000 at the Escuela de Música Creativa in Madrid. In 2004 he settled in Barcelona, continued his studies in the Modern Music and Jazz Classroom of Barcelona and went to the Conservatorio del Liceo, where he began his formal studies of classical guitar. Strongly attracted by classical and flamenco guitars, he decided to leave his studies in modern music and devote himself fully to them. In the period between 2004 and 2012 he obtained the degrees of Middle Grade and Higher Degree of Classical Guitar at the Conservatorio del Liceo and the Higher Degree of Flamenco Guitar of the Superior Department of Flamenco Guitar at the Conservatorio del Liceo. He has studied with classical guitarists Sergi Vicente and Guillem Pérez-Quer and with flamencos Manuel Granados and Juan Ramón Caro. At the same time, he completed his training in courses and master classes with guitarists Sadahiro Otani, Fernando Rodríguez and Rodrigo Neftalí, with the pianist and pedagogue Nuria Patau and with flamenco guitarist and "cantaor" Joaquín Herrera. He has performed throughout Spain as a member of the Barcelona Guitar Orchestra and, as a soloist, different performances promoted by the Liceo Conservatory, "Music in the Parks" cycle, artistic circles, solidarity concerts, several recordings ... Since 2006 he combines his pedagogical and concert vocations working as a teacher (since 2011 at the Luthier School of Musical Arts) and perfecting and expanding his concert repertoire, consisting mainly of baroque, classical and romantic works and a series of his own compositions.