Ludovica Mosca
Piano, Master
The artist Ludovica Mosca has studied music, dance and fine arts. Acclaimed by critic and public alike, she performs and teaches around Spain, Europe, the United States and Latin-America and Asia. Born in Paris of Italian parents, she studied piano at the Conservatorio Superior del Liceo of Barcelona with G. Garganta and later with P. Vallribera and E. Casals. She moved to Antwerp (Belgium) to study with F.Gevers at the Royal Music Conservatory, winning a first prize upon completing her studies. She continued her studies in Paris with A. Motard and also attended courses with J. Demus, J. van Immerseel, R. Tureck, J. Savall, G. Hadjinikos, S. Chelibidache and H. Zender. She also studied guitar with G. Tarragó and conducting with A. Ros-Marbá. Her repertoire spans from the old masters of the 18th century to modern, contemporary composers. She performed the Spanish premieres of the Elliot Carter Sonata and of Morton Feldman’s "For Christian Wolf,” as well as many works by Spanish composers. She gives courses about Bach, Haydn, contemporary music, improvisation, piano pedagogy, musical memory, relaxation, Baroque dance for musicians and castanets. She has broadcast for Radio Nacional de España, Belgium Television, TV3 de Catalunya and has recorded many CDs for piano as well as for castanets. Among her prizes, we mention the Alex de Vries International Prize (Belgium) for her performance of the Rhapsody in Blue by G. Gershwin with the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra, the third prize at the Maria Canals International Competition (Duo Llinares-Mosca); and the first prize at the International Yamaha Competition (Klavier Quartett de Barcelona).