Jordi Costa
Born in Barcelona, Jordi Costa started playing the guitar at a very young age. He studied at the Escola de Música Segura and the Escola Luthier d'Arts Musicals in Catalonia. He then continued to learn with teachers such as Genís Barcons (blues and rumba), Pau Figueres (flamenco and fusion), Joel Moreno (jazz) and graduated with merits from Grade 8 of London Rockschool in electric guitar. He is currently the guitarist of the well-known Catalan band Pepet i Marieta and the singer Jere Improperios. He also regularly accompanies singers like Aisha Fay, Laura Miquel, and Nika Mills. Jordi has played in various musical theater shows such as Carrie (Teatre Gaudí), Pornopop (Teatre Versus), Les Històries Naturals (Teatre Condal), Ocaña reina de las ramblas (Teatre Condal and Neukölln Oper, Berlin), Ojos Verdes (Itinerante) and in festivals such as Rrandom fest, Feslloch, Mas i Mas Festival, Mirarock Fest among many others. He performs as a guitarist in around 100 concerts a year.