Guillem Durante Ferrer
Guillem Durante Ferrer has studied Modern Music and Jazz at the Taller de Músics, where he obtained the Higher Degree. He has been working as a sessionist since 2017 at Music Lan Studios (Figueres), recording Lluny d'Aquí with the Tortellinis; El Tercero Studios (Barcelona) with Embolingats, for the songs Contigo and Traficants de la Cançó; La Atlántida Estudios (Barcelona) with System Beat, the recording of Ho He Trobat and at Jam Studios (Valencia) with Toni Belloch for Chaos. Since 2018 he works as a music producer for projects such as Reisal Music, Kot Lape, Non Jambi and Apastafunk. He has worked as a sound technician at CLIP, as a monitoring technician, stage manager, assistant technician for P.A., mounting and sound recording audiovisual shows. He is a teacher of electric bass and harmony. He has did the musical accompaniment of the Cor Escola de Veus of the Taller de Músics school, performing at VEUSLab. As a bassist he has accompanied + dMANÁ, Pink Lemon, the Tortellinis, Non Jambi, Kim Kuipers, Reisal Music, among others. He speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.