Clara Sallago
Singer and songwriter, graduated by ESEM Taller de Músics in the specialty of vocal jazz. Teacher of vocal technique and director of choir in the Taller de Músics and the Éòlia High School of Dramatic Art. She was born in Barcelona and began his musical studies at the age of eight, being examined at the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. In 2002 she began her studies in musical theater in Eòlia, with the professors Xavier Albertí, Carme Portacelli and Helen Rowson among others. She extended her studies of interpretation with Nancy Tuñón and Txiqui Berraondo. She has also received private singing lessons from Carme Canela, Xevi Garcia and Viv Manning. In 2005 she began to study improvisation and arrangements with Ana Finger and piano with Alejandro Di Costanzo at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona, where she also completed medium-level studies of musical language with Joan Chamorro. She has received Master classes by Claudia Acuña, Vanesa Rubin, Miguel Poveda and Kevin Heys among others. In 2002 she joined as a solo soprano the Black & White Xperience group, led by the Cameroonian composer Emmanuelle Djob and with whom she has performed several tours in important theaters and festivals in Spain, France, Italy and Monaco, participating in the recording his seventh album. In 2007 she leads his first jazz quartet with David Mengual, Santiago Acevedo and Ramiro Rosa, with whom she performs in renowned Catalan clubs such as Jamboree, Robadors 23 (Barcelona), Nova Jazz Cava (Terrassa), Jazz Cava Vic), Sunset (Girona), Grffin (Sabadell) ... With the pianist Míriam Aparicio they form the duo Sallago & Marion with which they pay homage to the most relevant women of Blues and Gospel. She is part of the Big Ensemble Taller de Músics with which se has acted as soloist in the 45 Voll Damm International Jazz Festival of Barcelona in homage to the poet Juan Gelman and in the Cantata of the composer Enric Palomar Geography Espriu presented at the Palau de la Música Catalan in December 2013. In 2014 she premieres as a composer with the project Cantos de Hidra, a musical and personal version of the Greek myth that condenses the diversity of styles that have influenced her career. This work has recently been released with the Temps Record label. As a teacher, she has worked since 2002 in different centers such as the Escola de Música Creu Alta (Sabadell) approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya, La Farigola del Clot or L'Illa de l'Aire. Between 2004 and 2008 she directed the Gospel Choir of the Contemporary Culture Center of the Prat de Llobregat "La Capsa" and the Choir of the Can Castelló Civic Center. In 2014 she moved to Paris where she continued developing her career as a singer, acting in recognized spaces with La Cave des Hachettes, Café Universel or Ciné XIII Théâtre.