Anna Gudrun Arnaldsdottir Alcalay
Anna Gudrun Arnaldsdottir was born in Barcelona in 1996. She began her music studies at the age of 4 at the Escola Luthier de Música, studying music initiation first and later on learning piano, guitar, singing and musical comedy. She has sung in choirs, groups, and in a Gospel choir. Since 2011 she has been dancing Tap Dance, Lindy Hop, Jazz and Rock and Roll and is currently a singer in musical groups. She is a certified leisure activities instructor, as well as a certified food handler. Since 2012 she has worked in the artistic camps at the Escola Luthier de Música i Dansa as an instructor of musical initiation, piano, dance, theater, singing, musical comedy, games and crafts. She currently teaches introductory music and piano classes at the Escola Luthier and works at the Casa Luthier guitar shop. She speaks Spanish, Catalan, Icelandic and English. She did a cetacean and other marine mammal specialist course at IDEA.