At the Escola Luthier we have adopted a series of measures against the pandemic. Our classes do not exceed six people – in fact, the vast majority of subjects are taught individually. We have implemented the Online mode to reduce the number of face-to-face students and offer this alternative to those who prefer it.

During this school year, the students, teachers and the School team must comply with the following measures:

– We shall disinfect our hands with hydroalcoholic gel when entering the school and entering any classroom.
– We shall maintain safety distances.
– The teachers shall be in charge of opening and closing the door, preventing the students from touching the door handle, as well as ventilating their classroom before and after their class.
– The classrooms with natural ventilation will be ventilated by the teachers opening the windows to the outside.
– The rest of the music classrooms have constant air renewal.
– If you have your own instrument, bring it with you.
– Students must arrive on time to avoid crowds and their companions or parents must wait outside the school.
– The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone over 6 years of age.

It is also important:

• The wind instrument students and the singing students will receive classes separated from the teacher by a screen.
• In drum classes each student will bring their own drumsticks.
• The students, teachers and team of the School will have signed the corresponding Responsible Declaration Document that the School will provide.
• No person with some of the symptoms of Covidien-19 as well as those who are in isolation for a diagnosis of Covidien-19 or in a quarantine period due to having been in close contact with a Covid-19 case will be able to come to the School.

Keeping healthy and taking care of ourselves is everyone’s responsibility 🙂