A private degree granted by the RAMON LLULL UNIVERSITY

A diploma from the LUTHIER SCHOOL OF MUSIC

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The Luthier School of Music offers a Master of Music degree in performance for instrumentalists and singers with the aim of improving their artistic level.



Instrumental lessons I (40 ECTS credits)

Practicum I. Public recitals with programme notes (12 ECTS credits)

Optative – specialized courses at the school / master classes (2 ECTS credits)

Instrumental lessons II (40 ECTS credits)

Practicum II. Public recitals with programme notes (12 ECTS credits)

Practicum III. Final exam– concerto and public recital with an extensive informative dossier for each programme – a minimum of 3000 words (14 ECTS credits)



– Duration: 120 credits (ECTS) in two years, comprising individual and group lessons, master classes and public recitals.

– Calendar: October to June.



To develop and strengthen musical independence and creativity.

To work on a wide range of solo and chamber repertoire from different periods and chamber repertoire from different periods and styles.

To develop stage presence and improve overall artistic level.


Eligible candidates

Instrumentalists and singers of all nationalities who hold a university degree or its equivalent. The Master of Music degree is currently offered in the following areas: cello, clarinet, double bass, flute, guitar, oboe, piano, saxophone, viola, violin, voice.


Selection process

Candidates must pass an entrance exam consisting of a thirty to forty-five minute programme of concert repertoire, with works or movements from at least three different periods or styles. There will be a sight-reading test.



To demonstrate his level of proficiency and progress, the student will perform a twenty to forty minute programme of concert repertoire each trimester. Furthermore, the student will write programme notes for the recital. The programme and the programme notes must be presented at least 15 days before the performance.


The final exam for the master degree consists of two separate performances, given within a time frame of two weeks at the most: a) a concerto for the instrument and orchestra and b) a full recital (approximately 60 minutes of music). The concerto and at least half the recital must be works which the student has not performed previously in other term recitals. The student must also present an extensive informative dossier for each programme (a minimum of 3000 words in all a + b). The programme and the programme notes or dossier must be presented at least 30 days before the performance.



Applications for the course will be accepted at any time, at the Luthier School of Music, accompanied by an application fee and a short cv or resume referring to the applicant’s studies and experience, mainly with regard to his or her chosen subject.



Students may register for the course having passed the admission test, presenting the following:

  • 2 validated copies of their graduate diploma
  • 4 passport size photos
  • 2 copies of personal id, passport or similar
  • Receipt of payment for the course