Núria Patau
She began studying music at the age of 7 at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. She continued her studies at the Ángel Soler School with the pianists Ángel Soler and Filo Atrio. Later with Carmen Martínez-Pierret and in parallel at the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Liceo where she obtained the Superior degree. She completed her training in the following fields: Interpretation and Technique: among others, with Ángel Soler, Carmen Martínez, Ilze Graubin, Eric Heidsieck and Jun Kanno. Chamber music with Salvador Gratacós, Ángel Soler, Jun Kanno. Pianistic pedagogy with C. Martínez, Ludovica Mosca, Roberto Bravo, Luiz de Moura Castro, Yiya Díaz. Pedagogy of the musical Language in the School of Musical Pedagogy Ireneu Segarra and Methods Willems, Kodály and Orff. Mental and corporal disciplines: Alexander Technique, Cos-Art Method, Yoga, Guided Imagery and Music Method. She obtained the Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate from the University of Barcelona (2009) and the Master in Music Therapy from the University of Barcelona-IL3 (2004-2006). Between the years 2002 - 2004 she worked at the International Music Course PIRINEOSCLASSIC and the International Music Festival PIRINEOSCLASSIC. As an interpreter, she has worked mainly in two aspects, the field of chamber music and as a companion pianist. Also as a Contralto to Orfeó Laudate. As a pedagogue since 1987, she has been a specialist teacher of music in secondary education and musical language, piano and chamber music in various schools in Barcelona. She has extensive experience in the field of childhood with the use of various musical methodologies such as Willems, Kodály, Orff or Suzuki. Aware of the various piano schools, she specializes in teaching piano with her own method based on the foundations of the psychophysical methods Alexander Technique and Cos-Art Method and the piano technique of the French school of Monique Deschaussées. She also teaches courses in preparation for entrance exams to conservatories or in competitions for music teachers, both piano and theoretical training.