María Castillo Tomás
Maria Castillo Tomás completed her Musical Bachellor at the Santiago Sobrequés Institute in Girona. She finished her studies as a professional grade musician at the Isaac Albeniz Conservatory in Girona. Since 2016 she studies at the Liceo de Barcelona. Since 2011 she has worked in several orchestras, such as the Orquesta Joven de Figueres and the Orquesta Joven de la Selva. She has also taught private lessons of guitar and violin. Her experience as a pedagogue for children has been consolidated through various activities overlooking groups of kids. She has taught at several schools both in Girona and in Barcelona. As a complementary training, María took the violin courses at Cervera in 2018, as well as courses in Campodron and in Austria during 2016. She has also been trained at the Batibull Association and the Espcolga de Francolí Xanascat in the guidance and care of kids. She is fluent in Spanish, in Catalan and in English.