Iván Cuenca
He was born in December 1986. He soon began studying at the elementary conservatory in the city of Malaga, after which he went to the CPM "Manuel Carra". He then moved to the International Classroom of saxophone of the CSM of the Balearic Islands and specialized his studies at the CSM of the Liceo de Barcelona obtaining the highest grades on his instrument. He has received advice from musicians such as Eberhard Feltz, Thomas Indermühle, Rainer Schmidt, Alain Damiens, Cibran Sierra, Helena Poggio, Jean-Marie Londeix, Marcus Weiss or M.B. Charrier among others. He is also committed to the new creation, premiering works by composers such as François Rosse, Elia Navarro, Roger Costa, Alejandro Gómez, José López Montes, Matías Faro, Juan Arroyo and Javier Quislant. Highlights concert tours with various camera formations that have led him to perform concerts in Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, Sweden and Switzerland. He has been awarded in more than 15 national and international competitions, of which stand out: 38th International Chamber Music Competition "Lyceum Club" (Lausanne, Switzerland), III Yamaha International Violin Contest of Saxophone, 10th and 11th Chamber Contest " Montserrat Alavedra "(Terrassa). He has collaborated with different orchestras such as JOMPA or the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga. We must mention his current work with Art Sound Quartet with which in addition to having received numerous awards at national and international level, it has performed in festivals and venues such as: Hochschule für Musik Basel, Frankfurt and Cologne, IV Mallorca Saxophone Festival, Scandinavian Saxophone Festival (Stockholm), 2ème Rencontres Saxophones of "L`A.SAX" (Bordeaux), Segovia Classical Music Festival, etc.