Guido Di Blasi
Born in Argentina, in the city of Bariloche, he graduated as a guitarist at the Popular Music School of Avellaneda (2002-2008). He studied classical guitar at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Music (2002-2006). He made the career of "Tango Arranger Musician" at the National Tango Academy of Buenos Aires (2004-2007). His first contact with the jazz genre goes back to Buenos Aires, under the guidance of masters Francisco Rivero and Pablo Bobrowicky. Years later he traveled to New York, where he took classes with Pat Martino, Oz Noy and Mike Moreno. In 2012 he moved to Barcelona and entered the Esmuc, completing the jazz guitar studies, with masters such as Dani Pérez, Joan Monné, Lluís Vidal and David Xirgu. In his trips to Buenos Aires, he studied with the composer Diego Schissi. In 2005 he formed the guitar duo '' Tanguido '', along with Guido Briscioli, with whom he recorded 4 albums, the last of them in collaboration with the singer Roberto '' Caracol '' Paviotti. He has participated in numerous national and international festivals and within the genre of Tango he has performed alongside his main exponents, among which stand out artists such as Néstor Marconi, Caracol, Hugo Rivas, Dúo Fuertes-Varnerín. He took part in the "Esmuc Jazz Project", an orchestral ensemble with which he recorded an album, led by directors Lluís Vidal, Joan Monné, Joan Sanmartí, Francesc Capella and Joan Díaz. He is currently presenting his new project: Guido Di Blasi "New Tango Project", whose first album has just been released by the record label FRESH SOUND (World Jazz). He performs in duo with the singer Johanna Zohler, with whom he revises classical tangos from a different perspective. In the rock and pop genre he stands out as the guitarist of the artists Halldor Mar and Cris Juanico, with whom he toured the main stages of the country. He lives in Barcelona and performs professionally as a guitarist, sessionist, composer and arranger and teaches guitar lessons.