Piano Tuner Daniel Alonso Alcalay

Dear Students:
We would like to inform you about the piano rental we have through Daniel Alonso Alcalay.
Daniel Alonso, who tunes and gives maintenance to our instruments, offers the rental service with option to purchase.

If you are interested, below you can read more details, including contact information of Daniel Alonso Alcalay Pianos, and also learn about more products and services offered.
Best regards!


To whom it may concern:

We offer you our services of tuning, regulation, restoration and harmonization of pianos.

We also dedicate ourselves to the sale of new and second-hand pianos, completely revised or restored, piano stools, lamps and OTHER ACCESSORIES.

We install the silent system and sell pianos with the system installed as standard.

Other services are the rental of pianos for specific events or for private homes paying monthly payments. In the latter case, there is the purchase option discounting all or a large part of those charges already paid.

Other services are the piano tuning courses at professional or basic level and restoration, regulation and harmonization of vertical pianos.

Best regards,

Daniel Alonso Alcalay
Piano Tuner and Technician
from the Luthier School of Music
Tel. 677861929